Planet Miner is a game where you try to earn your company the most resources possible. You need to defend yourself from asteroids and choose when to upgrade your ships lasers. Be careful, the more greedy you get the more dangerous environments you have to enter. There is no way to repair your ship so you better save all the life you get.

There are 3 main controls:

  • Jump to a new planet (Left arrow button)
  • Mine the planet (Lightning bolt button)
  • Use the Mouse to target incoming asteroids

Your Final score is dependent on the most resources you had at any given point.

You can see your score at the bottom of the center screen.

(Scores are automatically stored in PlayerPrefs so they stay through play times)

Made withUnity
Tags2D, mine


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I really like the GUI and how the lasers snap onto the asteroids.

Maybe i didn't see it, but i don't know where my final score is.

Overall pretty well made!

(1 edit)

At the bottom it should say Max resources at: ...

If you are having trouble try putting it into full screen

Oh yea, thanks!